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Finance Lease

PT. BRI Multifinance Indonesia provides finance lease, where essentially that all the benefits of ownership transfer to the lessee at the end of the lease period; also known as a capital or full payout lease.

Financial Lease Transaction can be generally divided into :

  1. Direct Lease Transaction
  2. Sale and Lease back


Benefit of leasing :

  • Simple Procedure and quick service.
  • Lease facility could be obtained with fast response without any complicated procedures.
  • Capital Saving
  • Customers only need to provide a down payment to get needed capital equipment.
  • Self Installment Payment
  • Leasing instalment would be paid from income generated by the operation of the leased equipment.
  • Tax advantage
  • For tax return purpose, rental should be simply deducted as expenses.
  • Flexible
  • Multi-currency is available depending on revenue. Also floating rate or fixed rate can be chosen.
  • Strengthen Company Liquidity
  • Customers can increase the company’s liquidity without reducing the working capital that can be used for other investments.

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